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Unispace PaaS gives you instant access to environments and tools you need to design groundbreaking applications without worrying about setting up and managing infrastructure.

Platform-as-a-Service for YOUR Business

Unispace Cloud, powered by Jelastic, is the fastest and easiest platform for web app hosting. It’s never been so easy to create, deploy and scale your PHP (for WordPress, Magento etc.), JAVA, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, Go or Docker and Kubernetes containers.

Programming languages

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Get Demanded Solutions Out-of-Box with Turnkey Cloud Hosting Platform

Java Hosting

Unispace Cloud has the tools Java developers need to be successful building cloud-native applications.

PHP Hosting

Unispace supports LiteSpeed solution to provide a secure, efficient, and scalable PHP hosting.

Docker Hosting

Production-ready scalable environments for containerized applications.

Node.js Hosting

Unispace provides an out-of-box integration of the fast, lightweight and highly scalable NodeJS.

Kubernetes & More

Managed Kubernetes Hosting with pre-packaged clustered solution available for automated installation.

PaaS for Advanced Digitalization & SaaSification

Cloud Transformation for Fast Time to Market

Fast Deployment

Make your product available in the cloud just in one click with packaging standard that fully automates provisioning

Intuitive Management

User-friendly UI, SSH access, open API and Cloud Scripting makes it easy to control workloads across clouds

Multi-Cloud Experience

Gain maximum performance global footprint offering your product across several data centers around the world

Pay-per-Use Pricing

Start with free trial and eventually move to pay-as-you-use pricing model with no need overallocate resources

Cloud Application Platform

The production and dev environments are created in minutes within user-friendly topology wizard, or via API, SSH, CLI. Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, Go, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes based applications using a rich variety of SQL and NoSQL databases, app servers, balancers and storage containers with no manual configurations required for installation.

Freedom of Choice in a Turnkey aPaaS

Deploy PHP (including one-click WordPress and Magento installations), JAVA, Ruby, NodeJS .NET Core and Python applications via our simple web based uploader, or directly using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins such as Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ.

Easily deploy development or production environments supporting any of the above languages with or without clustering.

World-class Hosting Solution
PaaS for Developers
Anything You Need

Easily create, clone and import the development, staging and production environments.

Pay As You Use

New Generation Public Cloud Pricing Model Based on Real Consumption, Not on Server Size

Usage-Based Resource Allocation and Pricing

Every container hosted with Unispace PaaS is divided into granular units – cloudlets (128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU).
The system makes hourly measures how many cloudlets inside each container are consumed and requests the payment only for these used resources. You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes.

Pay-as-you-use public cloud pricing
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